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For young people

School Presentations


Step into the world of young people today, where the noise of social media can drown out their sense of self-worth and value. In a culture saturated with opinions on sex, dating, and relationships, from movies to music, from social media to influencers, the messages bombard them from every angle.

The pressure can feel all too heavy.

Amidst it all, something crucial is missing: the value of each individual and the empowerment to make choices about sex and relationships from a place of self-worth. School presentations aim to cut through the noise and give young people the tools they need to navigate this complex landscape with insight, worth and respect.

Presentations can cover:

  • The purpose and value of sex

  • What pop, hook up & porn culture says about sex and what God says about sex (biblical framework)

  • Hypersexualised culture & its impact for teens on body image, gender stereotypes, social media & attitudes towards sex

  • Truths living in a sexualised world

  • Building a godly sexual value system

  • Sex, science and the adolescent brain

  • Consent, boundaries, respect, intimacy

  • Qualities of a healthy relationship, red flags for unhealthy relationships

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School presentations and workshops for young people at conferences and churches about relationships, intimacy and sex.

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