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Is Taking It Slow the Key to Successful Christian Dating?

In the dating world, when we start connecting with someone and discovering qualities we admire, it’s natural to feel a strong attraction and a desire to become physically close quickly. Despite these intense feelings, it's crucial to remember that building an authentic relationship requires time—it's not a process to rush.

Often, we're tempted to present only our best sides and say what we think the other person wants to hear. However, taking it slow—resisting the urge to rush due to strong romantic feelings—allows for genuine honesty and lets authenticity emerge in both yourself and your partner. This process demands patience and thoughtful pacing.

One way to do this is by exploring  meaningful topics:

Here are some topics you can explore as you get to know someone:

Hobbies and Interests: What activities bring them joy? What are their passions? Understanding what they love to do in their free time can give you a glimpse into their real self.

Family and Upbringing: How did their background shape who they are today? Family influences can play a significant role in a person’s values and behavior.

Past Experiences: What key events, places they travelled, or significant moments have influenced their life? These experiences often shape their outlook and personality.

Dreams and Goals: What are their aspirations for the future? Knowing their goals can help you understand if your futures align.

Inspirations: Who or what inspires them, and why? This can reveal their motivations and what they strive to emulate in life.

Relationship Expectations: What are they looking for in a relationship? Clear expectations can help ensure you both want the same things.

Faith: How does their relationship with their faith manifest in their daily life? How you both integrate your faith into every area of your life can strengthen your bond.

Look for Deeper Qualities

As you explore these topics, look for qualities that go beyond physical appearances:


- Humility: Are they humble and modest? Humility often indicates a person who values others and is grounded.

- Teachability: Are they open to learning and receiving wisdom and advice? A teachable spirit is crucial for personal growth and relational harmony.

- Generosity: Are they generous with their time, resources, and kindness? Generosity is a sign of a giving nature and a caring heart.

- Patience: How can you see them demonstrate patience in various situations? Patience can indicate emotional stability and a compassionate nature.

- Consistency: Are they reliable and consistent in their actions and words? Consistency builds trust and reliability in a relationship.

- Values: What core values do they hold? Shared values are the foundation of a strong relationship.

- Trustworthiness: Can you rely on them to be honest and dependable? Trust is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship.

- Respect for Others: Do they treat others with kindness and respect? Observing how they interact with others can tell you a lot about their character.


The Importance of Patience

Getting to know someone is an exciting journey, but resist the temptation to rush straight to the physical to feel close. Building a strong foundation through friendship and understanding who they are as a person can lead to a deeper and more meaningful connection. Take your time, be authentic, and observe the fruit of their life and the qualities they display in their day-to-day life.


Building an authentic connection is about more than just chemistry. It's about understanding and appreciating the whole person, including their values, dreams, and character. By taking the time to explore these deeper aspects, you can create a relationship that is built on a solid and lasting foundation.


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