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Create a new story for intimacy...

We live in a highly sexualized society where sex is all around us - in media advertising, movies and on our screens. Yet it's not that easy to find healthy and helpful examples of what healthy sex, intimacy and relationships can look like.

We may have unrealistic expectations, unhealthy beliefs, and a lack of education about sex. We may desire a healthy relationship but have limited knowledge and skills in creating healthy relationships and sexual intimacy.

Our sexuality is complex. The culture and the society we are raised in profoundly influence our understanding, as do the many experiences we carry from childhood, adolescence and adult life. Our sexuality is intrinsically connected to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. How we think and feel about our sexuality, how comfortable we are with our bodies, how we express love and affection, and what we believe in terms of our faith are all connected to our sexual expression. We must approach our sexuality holistically to better understand ourselves and how we relate to others to enjoy satisfying and healthy relationships.

Christian Sex Counselling & Education Services

As a Professional Counsellor and Christian Sexologist, Renee provides specialized sex and relationships counselling and pre-marriage sex counselling and education sessions to individuals and couples.


As a Sex and Relationships Educator, Renee provides presentations to churches, conferences and high schools on healthy sexuality, relationships and marriage within a Christian values-based approach. 

Renee loves to help people develop a positive understanding of their sexuality that is connected and integrated into their personal faith.  

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