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For married couples


If you and your spouse find yourselves struggling with intimacy, communication, or sexual fulfillment, you're not alone. Sex therapy provides a supportive environment where you can openly explore and address these concerns without judgment. Whether it's difficulties with sexual functioning, misunderstandings in communication, pain during intercourse, or challenges with desire and arousal, a qualified therapist can help you navigate these complexities together.

Perhaps you're navigating changes in your sex life after having children, or you're grappling with the impact of pornography on your relationship. Maybe differences in sexual desire between partners are causing strain. Whatever your unique circumstances may be, Sex Therapy offers practical tools, guidance, and insights to help you reconnect with your sexual selves and reignite passion and intimacy in your marriage.

Take the first step towards a more fulfilling partnership 


How do you cultivate sexual intimacy in your marriage?


You may have heard people say, ‘sex is a good part of marriage. It should be regular; it should be a blessing to your relationship blah blah’…. But what happens when the ‘shoulds’ become pressure, expectation and obligation? For some people, it’s the last thing on their to-do list; for others, they wish it was more frequent; for others, they wish it was more fun, enjoyable…and, yes, pleasurable. For others, they have a good thing going, and they don’t want it to change. Many things can get in the way of intimate connection in marriage. But one thing is for sure: a couple's greatest sexual technique is communication.


I help couples have real, intimate conversations, ask questions they may have never thought to ask and discover new things about each other. Alas, awakening a new adventure towards healing, intimacy and freedom! Disclaimer: It will not be handed out on a silver platter; it will take ongoing work!

In my workshop ‘Marriage: A Private Paradise’, I can cover:

  • God’s biblical design for sex in marriage, created as a sexual being

  • Building intimacy in your marriage

  • Healthy and helpful sexual beliefs, debunking sexual myths

  • Intimacy blockers, sex across the seasons of life

  • Guarding your couple intimacy through seasons of your marriage

  • Communication, expectations & navigating couple’s differences

  • Common challenges couples face about sex

  • Strategies and activities to address these challenges


Can be interactive, where couples work on activities together in the workshop.

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Sex in Marriage

"There is a beauty and tenderness to sex….Being invited into someone's most intimate space is an incredible privilege and honour. Sexuality is a private beaconing to your lover 'to come away with me and be a part of me.'” – Sex Awakened, Renee Yam

Are you looking for Christian sex advice for newlyweds? If you are engaged or newlywed and you want to understand how to cultivate healthy sexual intimacy in your marriage, this book is for you!

Its packed with biblical foundations, healthy insights into holistic sexuality, and a liberating approach to exploring sexual pleasure and satisfaction in marriage. In a simple and relatable style, this book explains how our bodies are intricately wired for sex and how couples can cultivate their most powerful sexual technique - communication.

Full of conversation starters and practical ways to awaken and enhance sexual intimacy, you will be equipped and empowered right from the start of your marriage, to enjoy sex to the full - just the way God designed it.

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