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Pre-Marriage Sex Counselling & Education

Do you want to have helpful and informative conversations about sex before you get married? 

Do you want to learn how to cultivate a healthy sex life in your marriage?​ 


Ever thought that sex education before marriage could be helpful? So many couples start their marriage with a limited understanding of sexual health and fumble around this part of their relationship. I get it because sex is incredibly vulnerable! You will definitely still 'figure it out as you go' but why not walk into your marriage with some knowledge, understanding and skills to have healthy and helpful conversations about sex together!

The topic of sex in marriage is an important topic to discuss with a couple to explore expectations and unhealthy mindsets about sex and relationships, sexual functioning education and how to communicate as a couple. ​Many couples do pre-marriage counselling sessions with their church or minister (e.g PREPARE-ENRICH) to equip and prepare a couple for their marriage relationship. ​I provide pre-marriage sex counselling sessions to complement the pre-marriage counselling sessions that focus on sexual intimacy in marriage.

Set your marriage up for a win by receiving personal couple sex counselling and education from a professional sexologist.

In these sex counselling and education sessions, as a couple, you will:

  • Explore your personal beliefs, assumptions & expectations of sex in marriage

  • Understand the sexual anatomy, the sexual response cycle, the brain science of sex, sexual functioning and dysfunctions

  • Understand sexual and intimate acts that build arousal, pleasure & intimacy in your marriage

  • Explore realistic expectations for the wedding night & honeymoon

  • Learn how to foster healthy conversations about your sexual intimacy

  • Learn ways to build healthy & satisfying sexual intimacy throughout your marriage

These sessions are available through online video consultation for couples around Australia.

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