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Speaking Workshops

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“I am on mission to help people understand how valuable they are and the value of sex”

Renee is passionate about educating people about God’s design and plan for sex, intimacy and relationships and empowering people to live out their relationships in a healthy, respectful and God-honouring way.

Speaking on "Sexual Intimacy in Marriage" at Hillsong Marriage Matters Night 2018

Renee has the privilege of speaking to individuals and couples about relationships, sexuality and sexual health. She has presented workshops to high school students, young adults, people in relationships (dating, engaged and married couples) and pastors and leaders around godly sexuality and relationships, sex and intimacy in marriage and how pastors and leaders can support individuals and couples in sexual intimacy issues.

Her talks are research and evidenced-based, practical, encouraging and empowering. She challenges the sexualised and pornified culture that promotes an unhealthy approach to sex and relationships and points people to a healthy biblical values-based approach to sex, intimacy and relationships.

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Speaking on "Thank God for Sex" Masterclass at Hillsong Conference 2018

Inspiring a new story for intimacy


Renee presents workshops on the following topics:

Pre-Marriage Sex Education Workshops

Workshop covers:

  • God’s biblical design for sex in marriage

  • How our body and brain are intricately wired sexually

  • Our beliefs, attitudes and values about our sexuality

  • Expectations of sex in marriage

  • How to have healthy conversations about sex

  • Sex over the seasons of life

  • Safeguarding your couple sexual intimacy


Workshop covers:

  • God’s biblical design for sex in marriage, created as a sexual being & what is intimacy

  • Healthy and helpful sexual beliefs, debunking sexual myths

  • Helpful communication about sexual intimacy, navigating differences

  • Guarding your couple intimacy through the seasons of your marriage

Young Adults Workshops

Workshops can cover:

  • What is intimacy & how to build intimacy in relationships

  • God’s design for sex, created as sexual beings

  • Understanding sexual desire, masturbation, pornography

  • Living a healthy sexuality in a sexualised world

  • Sex and dating, boundaries & healthy relationships

  • Building healthy God-honouring relationships & sexuality

High School Workshops

Workshop covers:

  • Healthy & Unhealthy Body Image

  • What perpetuates unhealthy body image

  • Sexualisation of culture & its impact on body image, gender stereotypes, social media & attitudes towards sex

  • Truths living in a sexualised world

2012 – 2023: Hillsong College lectures on sex, relationships, and marriage

2018: Marriage Matters, Hillsong

2018: Thank God for Sex Masterclass, Hillsong Conference

2019: Keynote and Masterclass at Lifewell Conference, Adelaide

2019: Young Adults Encounter Night, Hillsong City

2020: Marriage Conference, Hillsong Amsterdam

2020: Pre-marriage Workshops and Marriage Night, Hillsong New York

2021: Relationships Conference, Hillsong France

2021: Marriage Night, Hillsong Newcastle, Hillsong Northern Beaches, Hillsong Perth, Hillsong Northshore

2022: Body Image, Gender Stereotypes, Sexualisation of Culture, Pacific Hills Christian School

2022: RCC Yes, Guest Speaker

2023: God's design for sex, Sex and the Brain, Body Image, Gender Stereotypes, Sexualisation of Culture, Pacific Hills Christian School

2023: Sexual Intimacy in Marriage & Healthy Christian Dating, Hillsong Bali

2023: Light Marriage Conference, Light London, Guest Speaker

2024: Keynote and Masterclass, Young Adults Conference, Hillsong Brisbane

2024: Intimacy in Relationships, Beautiful Gate Church Sydney

Conference Presentations


Renee enjoys speaking on podcasts on healthy sexual intimacy. 


Renee is featured on the following podcasts: 



STRONGER | with Jeremiah Jacob Podcast ‘SEX & THE MIND #1 | Porn and mental health’

STRONGER | with Jeremiah Jacob Podcast ‘SEX & THE MIND #2 | Porn and relationships’ 

"Renee attended the Pacific Hills Christian School Wellbeing session and spoke on Sexuality, Body Image and the Media. It was fantastic to have Renee share her knowledge and contribute to the lives of our students. She was professional, engaging and well received by staff and students and it was a privilege to have her share with us."

Elise Dawson, Pacific Hills Christian School

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Speaking workshops and presentations to conferences, churches, high schools, young adults about relationships, intimacy and sex.

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