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Creating a new story for intimacy

About Me

Hi, I'm Renee Yam.

I'm a Christian Sexologist, Relationship and Sex Therapist, Author and Speaker.

I help people create healthy intimate relationships.

My specialty is counselling and education in sex, intimacy and relationships with a Christian values-based framework.


Christian Sex Counselling & Education Services

As a Professional Counsellor and Christian Sexologist, Renee provides specialized sex and relationships counselling and pre-marriage sex counselling and education sessions to individuals and couples.


As a Sex and Relationships Educator, Renee provides presentations to churches, conferences and high schools on healthy sexuality, relationships and marriage within a Christian values-based approach. 

Renee loves to help people develop a positive understanding of their sexuality that is connected and integrated into their personal faith.  


Sex in Marriage

"There is a beauty and tenderness to sex….Being invited into someone's most intimate space is an incredible privilege and honour. Sexuality is a private beaconing to your lover 'to come away with me and be a part of me.'” – Sex Awakened, Renee Yam

Are you looking for Christian sex advice for newlyweds? If you are engaged or newlywed and you want to understand how to cultivate healthy sexual intimacy in your marriage, this book is for you!

Its packed with biblical foundations, healthy insights into holistic sexuality, and a liberating approach to exploring sexual pleasure and satisfaction in marriage. In a simple and relatable style, this book explains how our bodies are intricately wired for sex and how couples can cultivate their most powerful sexual technique - communication.

Full of conversation starters and practical ways to awaken and enhance sexual intimacy, you will be equipped and empowered right from the start of your marriage, to enjoy sex to the full - just the way God designed it.

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