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Married sex is the greatest sex!

So, how can you have it?

Sex and marriage is all about wonder and beauty, intimacy and delight. Designed for engaged couples and newly weds, this book is packed with biblical foundations, healthy insights into holistic sexuality, and a liberating approach to exploring sexual pleasure and satisfaction in marriage.

In her simple and relatable style, renowned sexologist, Renee Yam, explains how our bodies are intricately wired for sex and how couples can cultivate their most powerful sexual technique - communication.

Full of conversation starters and practical ways to awaken and enhance sexual intimacy, you will be equipped and empowered right from the start of your marriage, to enjoy sex to the full - just the way God designed it.


Christian Sexologist, Sex Educator, Sex and Relationships Therapist

I believe our sexuality is holistic and I'm passionate about helping people understand the whole story of sex. That sex is more than just a physical act but it’s also connected to our emotional, mental and spiritual being.That sex can be more than just performance and instant satisfaction, it can be about building intimacy, trust, respect and honor in relationships. That our sexuality can be a part of who we are that we value, embrace, care for and live out in confidence and in freedom.

My hope for this site is that you will find information that is helpful for your journey, whether you are in a relationship, dating or married, whether you are a parent or a young person, that whatever season of life you are in, you will find the open discussion around sexuality and relationships insightful and empowering. 

- Renee




Sex after babies

Sex after babies

It's common for couples to have a break from sex after having a baby.  READ MORE »
How pornography can impact you

How pornography can impact you

Pornography…..society has accepted it as a normal part of sexuality and it has become young people's prominent form of sex education. So what does that mean for individuals, couples, relationships and our understanding of healthy sexuality? READ MORE »
What can steal your couple intimacy?

What can steal your couple intimacy?

Intimacy is not merely created by the sexual chemistry or the sexual energy between you two. Intimacy in your relationship is intentionally cultivated. Its built when two people are present, "invested in" to the moment, and each other.

But one thing that can rob your intimacy as a couple is pornography.

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