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For women 


Many women I connect with cringe, thinking of themselves as a sexual being as they grapple with embarrassment and shame. Their first thoughts about sex can gravitate to their husband's desires or the have-to’s and should’s around the ‘importance’ of sex marriage, overlooking their own needs in the process.

Conservative upbringings or religious cultures can perpetuate ignorant or fear-based messages to women about sex. It can create negative mindsets towards sex and impact the way women see themselves – not feeling good enough, wondering why they don’t enjoy it and thinking something is wrong with them! Let's just remember that God did not leave female pleasure out of His design for sex!

Counselling sessions offer a safe, non-judgemental, supportive environment for women to explore their relationship with sex. Together, we dismantle harmful taboos and shame narratives, empowering women to embrace their sexuality with confidence. Women are guided towards forging a positive connection with their sexual selves, providing support on integrating faith and sexual intimacy within the framework of marriage and skills to communicate assertively with their partners.

It's time to rewrite your story.

Online Program

I am working on developing an online program for Christian women who want to embrace their sexuality within the context of their faith and marriage. My hope is that through the program, women will gain insights and knowledge to appreciate their sexuality and grow in assertiveness and confidence.

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