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Relationship Therapy

Have your past relationships or sexual experiences left you emotionally hurting and in pain?

Do you find it difficult navigating expectations, and boundaries in your relationships?


Do you want to build a healthy relationship with your partner?


Do you want to manage your emotions to help you communicate more effectively? 


Do you want to build a closer connection together?

The relationships in our lives are vital to our personal wellbeing, and how we do them is so important. Think of your relationship with God, with yourself, and with your spouse, your children, your family, and friends; how we relate matters! Each relationship has the potential to enrich our lives, to give our lives purpose and deep meaning. That is because we have an innate wiring for connection. We are designed for relationship.​


Even though our relationships play such a critical role in our personal wellbeing, the reality is that we don’t always know how to do them well. So often, we simply adopt the patterns that have been handed to us, and if these dynamics are not healthy, they not only affect our own relationships, but they in turn become what we pass down to the next generation. Those relationships certainly have the ability to build us up and makes us better, but they also have the power to tear us down. We therefore need to learn how to cultivate healthy and respectful relationships, to be the best we can be, both for ourselves and others.


​If you want to grow in your relationship, develop tools and strategies to help you both communicate more effectively or address specific issues that are causing conflict, relationships therapy can be effective way.

Let's Work Together

Get the support you need and make an enquiry today. 

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