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For engaged and newlywed couples

Counselling & Sex Education

Are you interested in engaging in informative discussions about sex prior to tying the knot?


Do you desire to cultivate a fulfilling and healthy sexual relationship within your marriage?​


Have you considered the benefits of sex education before exchanging vows? Many couples enter marriage with limited knowledge about sexual health and find themselves navigating this aspect of their relationship with uncertainty. I get it because sex is vulnerable! You will definitely still ‘figure it out as you go,’ but why not enter marriage equipped with the knowledge, understanding, and skills to engage in constructive conversations about sex together?


I think it's crucial for couples to address expectations and challenge unhealthy attitudes about sex and relationships while also receiving education on sexual functioning and communication as a couple. Many couples undergo pre-marriage counselling sessions with their church or minister, such as PREPARE-ENRICH, to prepare for their marriage. I offer pre-marriage sex counselling sessions as a complement to these sessions, focusing specifically on sexual intimacy within marriage.


Set your marriage up for a win by receiving personalised couple's sex counselling and education from a professional sexologist.

During these counselling and educational sessions, couples will:

  • Explore personal beliefs, assumptions, and expectations regarding sex within marriage

  • Gain an understanding of sexual anatomy, the sexual response cycle, the neuroscience of sex, and sexual functioning and dysfunctions

  • Learn about sexual and intimate practices that foster arousal, pleasure, and intimacy in marriage

  • Set realistic expectations for the wedding night and honeymoon

  • Acquire skills for fostering healthy conversations about sexual intimacy

  • Discover strategies for building and maintaining satisfying sexual intimacy throughout their marriage

These sessions are available via online video consultations for couples across Australia.


We are excited to talk about marriage together. We are celebrated by others when we ‘put a ring on it’. We are cheered on when we walk down the aisle. But what many engaged and newlywed couples are thinking is, ‘Can we please also talk about sex and intimacy?’ There is apprehension, excitement, anxiety, and high & often unrealistic expectations about sex. We have a lot going through our minds, yet we don’t know how to have these conversations with our spouses. I mean, is it really something we should talk about? Shouldn’t it ‘just happen’?


Right at the start of your marriage is the best time to lay a healthy foundation and gain helpful knowledge and practical skills on how to cultivate healthy sexual intimacy in marriage. It’s the best time to discuss how to create a mutually respectful, safe and satisfying sexual relationship together.

I cover this & much more in my sex and intimacy ed workshop for engaged & newlywed couples.

In my workshop ‘Awakening sexual intimacy’, I cover:

  • God's biblical design for sex in marriage

  • Building intimacy in your marriage

  • How our body and brain are intricately wired sexually

  • Our beliefs, attitudes and values about our sexuality

  • Expectations of sex in marriage

  • Debunking sex myths & a vision for your sexual intimacy

  • Mutual pleasure, ways to build desire and eroticism

  • Healthy conversations about sex

  • Barriers to intimacy in marriage & how to safeguard it

  • Practical tips to address sexual challenges


Can be interactive, where couples work on activities together in the workshop.

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Sex in Marriage

"There is a beauty and tenderness to sex….Being invited into someone's most intimate space is an incredible privilege and honour. Sexuality is a private beaconing to your lover 'to come away with me and be a part of me.'” – Sex Awakened, Renee Yam

Are you looking for Christian sex advice for newlyweds? If you are engaged or newlywed and you want to understand how to cultivate healthy sexual intimacy in your marriage, this book is for you!

Its packed with biblical foundations, healthy insights into holistic sexuality, and a liberating approach to exploring sexual pleasure and satisfaction in marriage. In a simple and relatable style, this book explains how our bodies are intricately wired for sex and how couples can cultivate their most powerful sexual technique - communication.

Full of conversation starters and practical ways to awaken and enhance sexual intimacy, you will be equipped and empowered right from the start of your marriage, to enjoy sex to the full - just the way God designed it.

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