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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is a specialised area of counselling that focuses on human sexual development, sexual intimacy, emotions and attachment, sexual expression, sexual functioning, intimacy and relationships.​It is common for individuals and couples to have challenges and concerns around relationships, intimacy and sexuality.


Every aspect of a person's life is reflected in their sexuality: the past, present, beliefs, relationships, childhood experiences, self-esteem and identity, how we were taught about sex and many other things.​


Many people find the topic of sex uncomfortable to talk about. This can cause people to avoid help when they have concerns and challenges, hoping they will go away over time. However, if left untreated, it can create more problems for yourself and your relationship.


​Talking to a professional counsellor in a safe and confidential environment can be a way to explore and address any personal, relationship and sexual issues that may be impacting you from enjoying healthy and satisfying relationships.

What do I see a sex therapist for?

  • Do you find sex unenjoyable or dissatisfying?

  • Does your sexual experience cause you both to end up in tears and emotional pain because you feel inadequate and confused about why sex doesn't just work for you?

  • Do you find discussing sex with your partner uncomfortable or awkward, or do you misunderstand each other?

  • Are you having trouble having intercourse or experiencing pain during intercourse?

  • Do you find it challenging to maintain your erections to completion?

  • Does your partner desire sex less or more than you do, and it's causing problems in your relationship? 

  • Do you struggle to experience sexual desire, sexual arousal or orgasm? 

  • Are you struggling to get your sex life back after having babies?

  • Is pornography affecting your life and/or your relationship?

  • Do you want to learn about your sexual self?

As a sex therapist, I see individuals and couples with a range of sexual issues or concerns, such as a lack of sexual enjoyment & intimacy, desire, arousal and orgasmic sexual dysfunctions, sexual pain, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, pornography use & more.

Throughout sex therapy sessions, we can explore sexual history, upbringing, and family influences on sexuality, past and current relationships, sexual and relationship goals, communication barriers, emotional awareness, attachment and intimacy to help clients identify where they are at and areas they would like to explore, work on and strengthen in their life and relationship. 

In my work with clients, I offer counselling support, psychosexual education, resources, and tools, and I approach my sessions through a trauma-informed lens, ensuring clients feel safe with therapeutic interventions.

Sex therapy is 'talk therapy' and will never involve sexual touch or Sex with a client, physical examinations or medical advice. However, where a physiological or medical examination is required, I collaborate with other specialised health professionals, such as doctors, pelvic floor physiotherapists, physicians and psychologists, with your consent to get you the best possible support and treatment.

What does a sex therapist do?

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