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Young Adults

For young adults


In today's culture, young adults are bombarded with conflicting messages about sex, dating, and relationships that often leave them feeling uncertain, inadequate, and burdened with shame. Within the pervasive sexualisation and me-centred values, healthier narratives about intimacy, faith and self-worth get drowned out.


Counselling can provide a safe haven for young adults to engage in open, honest discussions free from judgment or stigma and explore their beliefs, values, and experiences. It's where they can develop a shame-free understanding of sexuality, challenge harmful societal norms, gain personal and relational skills to cultivate intimacy in relationships in alignment with their faith and values.


Young adults want a safe place to have honest, shame-free and biblically sound conversations about sex, dating and relationships. They are living in a sexualised, pornified individualistic culture that shouts a toxic message about sex, relationships and their personal value. What alternative message are they hearing?

We can challenge the narrative.

This young adult generation deserves to know a better way. And they want a message that is more than just a throwaway line: ‘Just don’t have sex till you married’. If God’s plan for sex is fundamentally good, then we need to talk about it.

Open, honest, truthful and shame-free conversations.

I aim to give our young adult generation a framework for

understanding intimacy, their value and how to pursue relationships

and sexuality in alignment with their faith and values.  

Topics I cover:

  • What the world says about sex and what God says about sex

  • Appreciating how our bodies and brains are created as sexual beings

  • What is intimacy and how to build intimacy in relationships

  • Foundations for healthy dating relationships - boundaries, consent, values, God-honouring

  • Pornography & its impact on you, your relationship and view of sex

  • Healthy framework to navigate sexual desire, sex before marriage, shame & purity

  • Living a healthy godly sexuality (shame-free) in a sexualised world

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Dating Book

I am working on my second book, which is aimed at young adults. It will be a comprehensive guide tailored for individuals, youth groups, and churches seeking to navigate the complex terrain of sex, dating, and relationships through a lens grounded in faith and biblical principles.  

The hope is that this book will be a valuable resource that will offer guidance and thought-provoking discussions on topics like compatibility, purity, virginity, value and identity. By integrating my expertise in sex education and counselling and my insights into biblical teachings, I hope to provide readers with practical tools to navigate sex, dating and relationships in a way that aligns with their faith.

If you want to know when the book is ready...

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